Our COTES Program Thanks You

Our COTES Program Thanks You
posted on December 13th, 2016 | in Good Cause

Our COTES Program Thanks You

Here at The Christian Outreach Center, we are so thankful for you and your support. Whether that support comes through praying, volunteering or giving financially, we feel incredibly blessed.

If you have been able to give financially, we want you to know that your donations enable our organization to carry out and manage our programs. Through our established programs, we desire to reach those in the Downtown Baton Rouge homeless community to help them go from square one to self-sufficiency.

One of our largest and most important programs is COTES, which stands for Christian Outreach Transitional Employment Services.

The COTES Guarantee

COTES is a temporary labor service we offer for the Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas. When local labor is needed, our team recruits and transports workers to and from the job sites.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

– We perform professional screenings to ensure that our workers are capable and drug-free

– We are committed to safety on the job site.

– We handle the administrative tasks for one flat fee (i.e. payroll, paperwork, screenings, background checks, applications).

– We provide a bagged lunch for each worker.

For many, the cycle of homelessness begins with unemployment. This is why we choose to help those in need by starting with employment. Our goal is to fill the gap between unemployment and employment here in Baton Rouge.


Filling a Need in More Than One Way

We say that the COTES program fills a need, but there is dual meaning to that statement. When local businesses have the need for temporary labor, we provide it. And when an individual in our community needs employment, we provide it.

Our desire is not just to hire able bodies to complete the job, but to hire qualified bodies to complete it with excellence.

“The team addressed all of our requests and we appreciated the flexibility of the organization,” said Belk Regional VP and Store Manager, Christine Powell. “The temps were very professional and completed all tasks as directed.”

We are thankful to all of the wonderful organizations we’ve been able to partner with so far. Some of those include: Bardwell Custom Homes, MAPP Construction, GreenSeasons, Habitat for Humanity, and Stonewall Architecture.

Without You, We Could Not Function


The heartbeat of COTES is your support. Your donations are life-giving to our program and life-changing to the individuals we work with on a daily basis.

When you donate to The Christian Outreach Center, you are supporting live-changing programs like COTES.

Whether you are giving to The Christian Outreach Center for the first time or you are continuing to support the COC financially, you are appreciated. We truly recognize each and every donor and supporter as a blessing to this organization

If you’re in need of temporary workers to complete a job, call 225-485-8305 or email