Jobs for Life : A Ministry of The Christian Outreach Center

Jobs for Life : A Ministry of The Christian Outreach Center
posted on July 26th, 2017 | in Good Cause

Jobs for Life is an 8 week class that meets twice a week for anyone in the homeless community or anyone living in transitional housing. This includes returning citizens, those overcoming addiction, or those who are homeless for other reasons.

These classes have been offered to the community for the last 3 years, and by the end of this current class, which graduates August 31st, over 50 students will have graduated.

In this class, students cover life skills such as: 

– The value of work

– Facing and overcoming roadblocks (past and present)

– Assessing employment skills

– Presenting yourself and interviewing well/communication skills

– Character traits/character in the workplace

– Vocational planning

– Job search techniques

– Effective resumes

– Job applications

– Decision-making skills

– Dealing with anger and forgiveness/conflict resolution

– Job readiness skills and mobility

Jobs for Life

The next step for those who have completed the class is to become employed and maintain that employment, if they haven’t become employed by the end of the class. The goal is for students to be in stable living conditions, and then take another class – Faith and Finances. Some of the students that present real potential will be invited to become Life Transformation clients, where they are mentored and supported in their journey to become self-sufficient.

Jobs for Life

Currently, our teachers include two lawyers and a real estate entrepreneur. Our teachers are Brett Sides, Brett Brinson, and Lacy Howe. To get more information about this incredible discipleship platform that seeks to help men and women find jobs and experience life in Christ, click here.

“What if millions of unemployed people were working because the Local Church intervened? It would change the world. “