Help the Homeless in YOUR Community This Season

Help the Homeless in YOUR Community This Season
posted on November 15th, 2016 | in Good Cause

Looking for a way to give this holiday season? There are so many opportunities to bless others during this time of year.


As you’re searching for and deciding on ways to help others, keep the Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge in mind.


The COC is a local non-profit organization which exists to help the homeless in Downtown Baton Rouge. Its focus is to help people get on a path to self-sufficiency.


The COC has programs to assist the homeless in the areas of: employment, financial literacy, life skills and Christian community.


Help Us Help Others


When you donate to the Christian Outreach Center, you are:


•  making a difference your local community

•  helping to fund the programs the COC team carries out

•  aiding these individuals in need in your city



A Bible Study gathering at The Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge.


3 Phases of Serving the Homeless in Baton Rouge


1. Life Touch – We help the local homeless community with first-level needs, such as: clothing, food bags, hygiene kits and bus passes for work/medical needs.


2. Life Coaching – Our team develops relationships with our clients through one-on-one meetings and through our programs: Jobs For Life, Faith and Finance, Bible Study & Breakfast, Life Skills, Celebrate Recovery and COTES (Christian Outreach Transitional Employment Services).


3. Life Transformation – This is an 18-month commitment, during which our clients first enroll in Jobs For Life, and then in Faith and Finance. During this time period, these individuals commit to a mentor relationship in order to help overcome barriers and achieve their goals. After completing Faith and Finance, they’re eligible for our matched savings program, where their savings will be matched dollar for dollar to put toward an asset such as a car, housing or education.


We truly believe in our programs here at the Christian Outreach Center. Please help us impact our city by donating.


Your 2016 donations are tax deductible, and will greatly impact our 2017 success.