Game Day Trends Coming in Hot

Game Day Trends Coming in Hot
posted on August 23rd, 2019 | in Good Deal, Good Quality

The first kickoff of the season is only 10 days away. We don’t know about you, but Game Day is the best kind of day there is. We can’t wait to spend our Fall days with a good ole’ Louisiana Saturday Night.

As we wait with anticipation, there’s plenty to do to get game day ready. We’ve got football season essentials lined up with trend alert on high. Thrift these finds to get ready to cheer on your team while also keeping your wallet in check.  

Game Day Attire

Two trends in game day attire: branded team apparel and color coordinated fashion. Whatever your style (or your team), we’ve got you covered.

Going to the game with friends? Put together a trendy outfit that still shows your style. Just match your pieces to your school’s colors and stay on brand, and look cute doing it.

Not feeling a well-put-together fashion statement for your football spirit? Take a more casual approach. Another trend is branded collegiate paraphernalia repping your team.

We’ve got merchandise to help you get ready to cheer on a variety of schools and teams. Stop in and ask a consultant to help you put together an outfit that matches your style.

NFL Approved Handbags

A new and necessary trend in gameday apparel – NFL approved handbags. As a security measure, governing bodies have mandated new restrictions on approved handbags in the stadium. There are now size restrictions on permitted handbags and a new requirement for the bags to be clear plastic.

Finding these bags that match your style can be challenging, and expensive. We’ve got clear bags in stock! Pick up your bag at The Purple Cow before the season starts. We suspect our inventory will go fast on these. 

Tailgating Accessories

A game day tailgate is not exactly the time to bring out the fine china. If you’re hosting a tailgate or viewing part, things can get rowdy as the day goes on and competitive spirits rise. You’ll want entertaining dishes that you can take a little bit more risk with.

Second-hand shop for these pieces! Get high-quality, purposeful and gently used items for up to 80% off the original cost. Drink dispensers, serving dishes, chip bowls, glasses… these entertaining pieces and more are available at either location for your perusing.


It’s the greatest time of the year ladies and gentlemen. Get ready with thrifted finds at our Jones Creek or Perkins Road locations Monday – Saturday!