Easy Vacation Packing List

Easy Vacation Packing List
posted on June 15th, 2018 | in Our Store


When traveling out of town on vacation, sometimes the planning is more work than the vacation itself! Below we have listed some items that can be found at The Purple Cow Baton Rouge that will easy your summer vacation planning.




Whether you’re on a beach or in the mountains, books are a great way to escape and relax. One great thing about buying used books is that it isn’t a big deal if they get injured in the vacation process.

I would much rather get sea salt or dirt on a gently used book that I own rather than a book I have on a loan or borrowed from a friend.

Bringing books on vacation is also great way of encouraging your kids to read during summer. Let them pick something they like! There is no harm in letting them have some leisure reading on vacation; it’s helpful to keep their mind both sharp and creative!

The Purple Cow offers an extensive book selection with popular authors. Also, the hardback books we sell are only $1.99 and in excellent condition!




Honestly, I don’t think anyone can own enough bags. Having some way of storing all of your things on the go is priceless on vacation.

Do you need a bag to bring down to the beach that you don’t mind getting sandy? What about one to take on your hike when there is a chance of rain?

Need somewhere to store snacks in the car?  What about a baby bag that you don’t mind getting dirty or worn on the trip?

Thrifted backpacks and other bags will come in handy this summer and the approaching school year – trust me.

Tip: Don’t have a washer or dryer where you’re going? Buy a bag to keep dirty clothes in for the trip!




So the kids are going to summer camp – yay! – but they want to wear their brand-new shorts. That’s fine, except you know they are painting on Wednesdays…

Buy clothes that are okay to create crafts. There are dozens of colorful and fun items on the racks in the store; so, spending some time browsing around will be helpful when packing for the trip!

Summer camps typically have “theme” days: Night at the Movies, Safari, Aliens, Bible stories, Pirates… the list is endless and a lot to keep up with! Purchase inexpensive items and make their own costume for camp this summer!


We hope this list helps you when deciding what to bring on your trips!

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You can also visit our Pinterest page to see some easy and creative DIY projects to do this summer in between vacations!