Do It Yourself: 101

Do It Yourself: 101
posted on June 5th, 2018 | in Good Quality, Our Store

What is DIY?


DIY is an acronym for “Do It Yourself,” a rising trend among both the millennials and hands-on kind of people. DIY projects range from building tables or desks to repurposing bottles into vases or vases into light fixtures to creating crafts for Mom and Dad to concocting bath bombs or facemasks, and the list goes on.

Listed below are four reasons to choose The Purple Cow for your DIY projects!


1. By repurposing materials, you reduce the waste circulating in the community.
Repurposing items means not ordering materials but instead using already made items that can be found at your local repurposing store! By doing this, you personally reduce the waste of shipment packaging and fuel for transportation of items. Repurposing items in DIY projects helps the environment and local businesses! That being said, you do need to purchase materials to use for your DIY project!


2. By supporting small businesses, you support the local economy.
Community involvement is at the heart of Baton Rouge. We love lively music festivals and philanthropic 5k races because we love what our community stands for. That’s why you see so many local food and drink restaurants and stores! By supporting small businesses, the money circulates within your community instead of larger national chains. From an economic standpoint, this creates a more comfortable lifestyle for members of the city.


3. Working on projects is proven to improve mental and physical health.
In this article, the clinical benefits of working with your hands has resulted in reduction in anxiety and activation of neuro chemicals that regulate moods. By working with your hands in a DIY project, you challenge yourself to become more creative and continue to engage different parts of your mind that aren’t used daily. Honestly, when is the last time you did basic measurements to cut a box? Probably middle school.


4. DIY projects appeal to all ages, economic statuses, and phases of life.
I believe children have instinctual draw to messy glue and glitter; there is nothing we can do about it. They’ve just got to grow out of it… right? WRONG. The fun of creating new projects never goes out of style. Sure, maybe we don’t splatter glitter all over wooden boxes anymore – or maybe you do, that’s fine – but we still craft objects to reflect our lives. Plenty of people garden or build outdoor structures later on in life. Likewise, college is a time of life that is filled with opportunity to create inexpensive, personal trinkets that reflect your personal style. From picture frame holders and notebooks to candle holders and soap to shoe racks or bedding… need I say more?


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If the idea of DIY projects has sparked your interest, visit The Purple Cow BR at either of our two locations. Also, follow our Pinterest page for ideas on DIY projects this summer!