Homelessness Awareness Week Impacts

Homelessness Awareness Week Impacts
posted on November 15th, 2019 | in Good Cause

Every person deserves food on their plate and a roof over their head.


Unfortunately, hunger and homelessness are a reality for far too many people. The U.S. is the richest nation in the world, but 42 million Americans are at risk of suffering from hunger and more than 500,000 Americans are homeless on a typical night.


According to, the 2017 poverty rate in Baton Rouge was an astonishing 27%! Almost 14% higher than the national average. This includes homeless men and women, as well as those who are formerly incarcerated. Each month, between 100-200 returning citizens are released into East Baton Rouge. The COC is here to help those individuals.


At the Christian Outreach Center, we help homeless men and women develop self-sufficiency and cycle-breaking change. We meet first-level basic needs, develop mentoring relationships, provide job-skills trainings and self-sufficiency education, and so much more.


This week, we’re making a tangible impact in the Baton Rouge community.


It’s Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, and in recognition we’ll be sharing more information about the people we serve and ways you can help as well as handing out much needed backpacks to homeless and hungry men and women in our community.


Each backpack includes a blanket, beanie, gloves, poncho and socks. These items are essential in the winter months.


If you’d like to join us, you can donate to help cover the cost of these items and gifts to the homeless in Baton Rouge!


Giving is a tangible way to meet the needs of those just down the street from you. This week is an amazing opportunity to do something as you learn.

Another very practical way to make a difference is to donate gently used clothing, furniture, home goods, books, records, accessories, and more to our thrift stores, The Purple Cow. Both locations take donations during business hours. Your donations keep these stores going and continue to provide funding for the COC so that we can do the work before us in the Baton Rouge community. 


Donate at and follow our social media accounts to see the impact you’re making.

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