Embracing “Thrifted Living” in 2019

Embracing “Thrifted Living” in 2019
posted on January 9th, 2019 | in Good Quality

First of all, Happy 2019 to everyone! We are so excited for all the wonderful things we have planned for this year, and how God is going to work through our business to impact those in need in our community.


So, what is “Thrifted Living”?


“Thrifted living is a lifestyle. It’s about living well while only spending a fraction of what you would pay retail. – Brian Sleeth, Executive Director, The Purple Cow and Christian Outreach Center


The Purple Cow stores aim to help you do just that, and we want you to get the most out of the experience. Here are a few ways to enjoy and benefit from “Thrifted Living” in 2019!


Take a Brief Inventory of Your Household Items

A fresh start to the year begins with organizing your home! We all know the amazing feeling we get after cleaning, and that’s because you can focus on other areas of your life.


We encourage you to make it a goal this year to review the items in your home and closet that you may no longer be using, and consider passing them down or donating. As you begin to go through all these items that have been lying around, you will get a better understanding of what you actually use vs. what is just creating clutter.


Once you identify the items that are no longer being used, or clothing items you only wear once every other year, you will be able to prioritize what you can invest and spend for the future.


Donate Before You Buy

Have you ever felt guilty when buying a new item for yourself? We all feel this way sometimes, especially if it’s something we already have plenty of (shoes anyone?).


I think part of this reason for feeling guilty is impulse buying. We see something online, and with a couple quick clicks, it’s ours! But, was it something we really needed? Could we have got it cheaper elsewhere?


One way to combat the guilt that comes with shopping is donating before you buy! If you enjoy shopping and want to get out to see what’s available, consider donating a shirt you do not wear anymore before buying a new one!


We all love shopping and buying new items for ourselves, and if we give a little when we get a little, it makes it all the more fun!


Make Alterations

When thrift shopping, you may find something that you or someone you know would love, but it’s not in their size. Grr!


However, if it’s something you truly will enjoy, consider getting it altered! Many places in the Baton Rouge area can turn around quick alterations for a very good price!


Create Your Own Items/DIY

Along the same lines, if you see a furniture or decor item that you may not use as is, think about the potential of crafting something unique!


With a few basic items, such as mugs, vases, various textiles, and tables, you can create exactly what you need for a specific project or holiday. That way, you still save AND get to have fun making a rewarding item for you or someone else!


Get to Know Us!

Whenever you go to The Purple Cow stores, get to know our staff! They will be the first to know when new items hit the floor, and can help you navigate the aisles in order to find just what you need.


Beyond our shops is our mission being carried out by The Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge. You’d be amazed to learn about all the ways this organization is impacting the lives of those in need right here in our community.


Through helping the homeless with first level needs, to managing workshops that help people toward self-sufficiency in the workplace and at home, The COC is just one of the many reasons to shop at The Purple Cow!


Your purchases and donations to The Purple Cow make all of this possible! 100% of our proceeds go to support the COC.


There are also volunteer opportunities with The COC to help these struggling individuals with job training, Bible studies and more! To learn more, please visit


We believe if you keep these tips in mind for “Thrifted Living”, you will feel more focused and fulfilled for the new year!

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