Essential LSU Undergrad Outfits For This Semester

Essential LSU Undergrad Outfits For This Semester
posted on August 22nd, 2018 | in Good Cause, Good Deal

Back to school has come and gone, meaning a change of seasons and scenery has begun. There will be an abundance of new! New opportunities, new activities, new classes. Why not add a few new items to your wardrobe as well? The Purple Cow changes out merchandise seasonally so that items on the floor are meeting your needs and easy on your wallet. Here are some items hand-picked for LSU undergrads like you.




Football seasons brings thousands wandering campus in purple and gold. The color palette limitations combined with the number of outfits needed for weekly festivities could do some damage to your wallet. The Purple Cow is here to help! We offer unique finds for the right price to keep your style fresh all season long.


Weekend Road Trips


Labor Day is the first break of the school year, and many students hit the road for the long weekend. Whether you are beach bound or hometown hopping with friends, the Purple Cow has you covered. Beach reads and brunch outfits are in our repertoire.

Commutes to Class


We all know on LSU’s campus the walk between classes can be a hike. It’s a challenge to communicate to your professors that you give a care while not sweating through your outfit and landing blisters all over your feet. Expand your wardrobe of what we like to call “cute, comfy, casual” pieces that meet all your classroom needs.

The Purple Cow has a wide variety of merchandise that meet your needs and respect your budget. No one wants to eat ramen every meal after a shopping spree. At the Purple Cow, you can make affordable purchases that also impact the community around you. Not to mention, we’re convenient to campus. Visit us at our Perkins/Acadian location  for all your wardrobe needs! 

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