Dear Parents and Teachers, Here are 4 Back-to-School Life Savers:

Dear Parents and Teachers, Here are 4 Back-to-School Life Savers:
posted on July 10th, 2018 | in Good Deal

Back-to-School season is coming! Back-to-School season is coming! 

Instead of waiting until the last minute or spending your life’s savings on school supplies this year, we’ve created an easy-to-follow outline of supplies to prepare for this school year.




Buying uniforms is both an expensive and stressful experience. It always seems like the kiddos grew out of those costly new tennis shoes you just bought them three months ago. Often, it feels like a never-ending cycle of buying new uniforms and throwing out perfectly good – just outgrown – pants and shirts.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of uniform options for the schools in the East Baton Rouge area. We’re hoping that we can ease your stress level as the school year approaches with our two locations filled with uniform options!

Teachers, this is a good time for you to stock up on some comfortable workwear for the school year. We offer high-end fashion options in our stores. We know you’re on a budget, and so are we! Stop by one of our two locations or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our new weekly outfit options!


Change of Clothes


Speaking of clothes, our kids always need a change of clothes throughout the day. Check with your school to see if they have specific uniform requirements for your child’s PE class or team practices.

Reusing t-shirts is a good way to ensure those grass stains won’t stress you out after their football practices or arts and crafts day (more on that later).

Likewise, after-school care centers oftentimes let their students change into “play clothes” after their long day at school! Make sure to get some easy-to-toss shorts and shoes for this. Our Jones Creek store has a great selection of children’s clothing.




Much like uniforms, we often find ourselves asking our little ones, “Didn’t I just buy you a backpack in January…?” Kids are crafty – literally – and always have paint, glue, and stains on their backpacks. Don’t get us started on how they end up tearing and ripping those bags either…

But hey, at least they’re having A LOT of fun at school, right? Sure.

We’ve got several different types of backpack options for the kids going back to school in August.

Mom, we have some great baby bag, teacher bag, lunch bag, and purse options for you this upcoming school year, too!


Craft Supplies


And here we are back to our kids making messes. Having backup pairs of shirts, pants, and shoes are always (and we mean always) a good idea.

Do you remember how fun arts and crafts time was in school? Maybe you’re a teacher and you still love this time during the day!

We’ve got some great DIY projects for the kids before and during school! With our Pinterest boards and a little imagination, your schedule could be filled to the brim with crafting ideas. Come check out our locations to see the fun, crafty materials you can purchase.

back to school

We receive donations consistently each week, so you may want to start now and visit our two locations often to get the best options. They go fast! We hope this list helps you narrow down what you need this school year!

For more information, visit one of our two locations.

You can also visit our Pinterest page to see some easy and creative DIY projects to do this summer before school starts!

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