5 Reasons to Love Resale Shopping for Your Kids

5 Reasons to Love Resale Shopping for Your Kids
posted on April 23rd, 2018 | in Good Deal

Raising kids is a hard job! Keeping closets full of clothes for ever-growing little bodies is one of the constant pressures parents face. As soon as you buy clothes for one season, they’re outgrowing them and it’s time to buy clothes for the next season! Shopping for gently-used clothes for your children is a great way to stretch out your budget to go a lot further.

Here’s 5 Reasons You Will Love Resale Shopping

1. You will save a ton of money.

Even shopping at lower-end clothing stores can be very costly when you’re buying a new wardrobe for your children for every season! Sometimes you might get lucky to stretch an outfit for two seasons, but most of the time you’re constantly shopping for clothes. The Purple Cow prices are kind to your budget and your wallet, a reason to love resale shopping! Since children generally wear outfits only a few times, you will find outfits in great condition. For families on a budget, this is a great solution for stretching your money to go further.

2. You will be able to shop for a variety of different brands.

When you shop in a department store, you’re limited to just the brands offered there. At a thrift store, you never know what brand names and jewels you will find! The Purple Cow receives high-end, name brand clothing for much less cost than department stores. You can get your hands on high quality clothing items that you otherwise might not be able to afford.

3. Stains will no longer stress you out.

Every parent knows how distressing it is when a child spills food or drink all over a new outfit. A ruined outfit that cost a lot of money can be extremely frustrating! You won’t be as upset when accidents happen while your kids are wearing a gently-used outfit. After all, we’re talking about kids here. Accidents are going to happen, so put them in clothes that can get dirty without causing more stress.

4. Thrifting is a better option for social responsibility. 

Are you conscious of the social impacts of shopping for new clothes constantly? Shopping for clothes at a thrift store is eco-friendly because it keeps clothes out of landfills. It’s also a fair trade practice, as thrift shopping decreases the demand for new clothes that are likely made internationally in sweatshops. But it doesn’t stop there- shopping at The Purple Cow has even greater social benefits because proceeds fund the operations of The Christian Outreach Center, which helps people transition out of homelessness. Shopping at The Purple Cow is a good cause for MANY reasons!

5. Unexpected growth spurts? We’ve got you covered!

Sometimes unexpected growth spurts can put you in a desperate spot for new clothes. Instead of running out to the mall to get more clothes for your kids that they will quickly grow out of, make your money go further by shopping The Purple Cow for gently used items. At least start here to see what jewels you can find!

Once you give your gently used items a good wash, they will feel completely new to you! Come out to one of our two locations to see what goodies you can find for your kiddos.

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